Written Boards

The American Board of Neurological Surgeons (ABNS)

ABNS requires all residents in ACGME accredited neurosurgery programs to complete the ABNS Primary Examination for certification.

The examination covers information on the basic sciences, critical care, fundamental clinical skills, imaging, neuroanatomy, neurobiology, neurology, neuropharmacology, neurosurgery, pathology and other disciplines deemed important to field of neurosurgery by the ABNS.

The exam is 375 questions in length, the ABNS and Residency Review Committee (RRC) require residents to pass the Examination for credit toward certification before completing training.

Many Program Directors require passage before the chief year.

Courses and Reviews Available

The Neurosurgery Written Board Review Course

  • Offered by the Olser Institute.
  • Consists of eight days of lectures, supplemented by exam-style multiple choice questions and answers.
  • A syllabus of lecture notes is provided and audio tapes of lectures are available for purchase.
  • Information and registration is available by phone at 1-800-356-7537 ext 201 and online.

The Chicago Review Course in Neurological Surgery

  • Eleven days longs, with up to 12 hours of lecture daily.
  • Focus of the course is neurosurgery. This means that other disciplines, such as neurology, neuroscience, etc., are not covered.
  • An extensive syllabus is provided.
  • Information and registration is available at 773-296-6666 and online.

Neuroradiology Course

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