When is the submission deadline?
The deadline of March 21, 2016, has passed. If you missed the deadline, you may submit your research to the Late Breaking Abstracts Center, which will be open from June 14 to August 2, 2016.

How do I submit an abstract?
Go directly to http://2016.cns.org

CNS Members: You can login to the abstract center using your CNS Account username and password.

Non members: If you submitted an abstract last year, you may already have a username and password. If so, try the “Forgot my password” link and type your e-mail address in the box. If you don’t get a username/password from that, create an account.

If you are not a member and have not used the abstract center before, you can simply register.

Can I submit more than one abstract?
There is no limit to the number of abstracts you may submit.

What are the presentation formats?
There are four types of Original Science presentations:

  • ​Oral Presentations
  • NEW Rapid-exchange Oral Presentations
  • Neurosurgical Forum
  • Digital Poster

You may indicate your presentation preference. The Abstract Selection committee determines the final presentation format.

How can I apply for an award?
Once logged in, select the General Information tab. Choose the award for which you would like to apply (view the list of abstract awards). Description and qualifications are listed. You may apply for the following for each abstract:

  • One subspecialty award
  • CNS Resident award

How can I add Authors?
Search the database for author names on the Authors tab. If the authors are not in the database, select “Register a New Author.” Once the Abstract Submission Center closes, you will not be able to add or delete authors.

What information is required?

  • Title
  • Keywords (up to 4)
  • Study Design Abstract (300 word maximum) separated into:
    • Introduction
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
  • Learning Objectives (3)
  • Declaration of prior submission or presentation
  • Disclosure of conflict of interest
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) disclosure
  • Animal Care and Use (IACUC) disclosure
  • FDA disclosure

Please Note:
Abstracts selected for the Annual Meeting cannot contain advertising, trade names or a product-group message. Please include generic names or terms in your abstract content. If the abstract includes trade names, names from several companies should be used, not just trade names from a single company to present all available treatment options. If trade names or company names are included in your abstract, we reserve the right to remove them to ensure all scientific content is free from commercial bias.

Can I add images to my abstract?
Up to 2 images may be attached to your submission.

Can I edit my abstract once it has been submitted?
Abstracts may be edited until the deadline for submission. After that date no changes in content or authors may be made.

Who will review the abstracts?
All abstracts are blindly reviewed by a committee of qualified neurosurgeons.

When will I be notified of the results?
Notifications of the Abstract Selection Committee's decision will be sent mid-May via email to the corresponding authors of all abstracts, regardless of the outcome.

Faculty: Please download a 2016 CNS Annual Meeting PowerPoint template to use for your disclosure slides.

Disclosure Slide Template