Learn more about featured session speakers at the 2015 CNS Annual Meeting.

Featured Speakers

Featured Speaker
Sunday, September 27
4:35–4:58 pm
General Scientific Session I

Trevor Robbins is professor of cognitive neuroscience, and...

Featured Speaker
Turkish Historical Talk: Troy, Cradle of...

CNS Michael L.J. Apuzzo Lecturer on Creativity and Innovation
Sunday, September 27
6:00–6:30 pm
General Scientific Session I

Herbie Hancock...

CNS President
CNS Presidential Address 
Mentorship: Service,...

Walter E. Dandy Orator
Principled Leadership: In the Face of...

Honored Guest
Honored Guest Lecture
DBS Targets, Technology and Trials: Two Decades of Progress 

Monday, September 28
9:08–9:23 ...

Featured Speaker
Federal Training Funds, Manpower, and the...

John Thompson History of Medicine Lecturer
The Latest From...

Featured Speaker
From the Ends of the Earth to the Deepest...