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The Next Generation of Neurosurgical Leaders

Exhibit Hall

The CNS Exhibit Hall is a hub for innovations in neurosurgical technology and technique. More than 150 industry-leading companies will gather in New Orleans to display and demonstrate the medical devices and advances that are changing neurosurgical practice today. Attendees can get their hands on these technologies and watch them in action through demonstration theater presentations, daily telemedicine Live Surgery presentations, industry sponsored lunch-and-learn sessions and in-booth demonstrations throughout the hall.

Live Surgery Schedule
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Monday, 11:45 am–12:15 pm
Endoscopic Cranial Base Surgery
Operating surgeon: Paul A. Gardner, MD

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Tuesday, 11:45 am–12:15 pm
Spine: Robotics-guided MIS TLIF
Operating surgeon: Hunaldo J. Villalobos, MD, FACS

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Wednesday, 10:45–11:15 am
Novel Endovascular Therapy for Bifurcation Aneurysms
Operating surgeon: Adnan Siddiqui, MD, PhD, FAHA

Innovations Showcase
Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™ offers leading clinics around the world unlimited clinical and workflow flexibility and unsurpassed confidence and control when treating cranial radiosurgery cases.
Ultrasound Transducer for Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery UST-5311. The Pituitary Probe is a low cost, single use, intraoperative ultrasound tool that provides neurosurgeons with complete, real-time, pituitary tumor visualization. Just 2.87mm in diameter and with a 10mm side-fire scan head, the Pituitary Probe allows neurosurgeons to “see” through and behind structures. Surgeons can now instantly measure and differentiate anatomy and vascularity and define tumor margins.
Mobi-C® Cervical Disc is the first and only cervical disc in the United States approved to treat more than one level of the cervical spine. In addition to the unique mobilebearing feature, Mobi-C offers a simplified surgical technique as compared to other, commercially available devices, all of which are approved for one-level use only.
Leica M530 OH6 with TriFluoro is the world’s first and only surgical microscope with FusionOptics technology, which combines two different sized optical pathways to create a visual image with extremely high resolution and depth of field. It also encompasses ergonomic design features, such as market leading 600mm maximum working distance and full 360-degree rotation on all binoculars. The Leica M530 OH6 is also the only surgical microscope available with TriFluoro, allowing up to three modes of intra-operative fluorescence (Leica FL800, FL400, FL560) within the same microscope.
DIVERGENCE. When it comes to your OR experience, everything matters. We’ve reinvented our entire Cervical Portfolio–from implants to instruments–with you in mind.
The SmartFrame STX MRI-Guided Trajectory Frame's compact size and exchangeable cannulas allow procedure to be performed in small bore (60cm) MRI scanners reducing the chance of bore collisions during MR imaging or MR thermometry.
Sterispine PS, Sterispine LC. Safe Orthopaedics is a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative products for use in spinal surgery that address the issues this market is facing. Safe Orthopaedics breaks the traditional path by offering the first model of single use, sterile, and fully traceable instrumentation systems for spine surgery. Offering a full range of implants, innovative instrument kits, all delivered ready to use, enhancing the safety and efficiency for patients and practitioners. By streamlining the expensive, complex and inefficient process by which traditional implant systems are delivered, Safe Orthopaedics endeavors to dramatically improve the value proposition of these procedures for hospitals, surgeons and the collective healthcare systems that finance them.
ALPS (Aslie laminar plating system) is an alternative to pedicle and lateral mass screws. It is the only device that can achieve rigid fixation using cortical bone only. ALPS uses composite polyethylene straps for its grip. these straps are stronger than same size steel cables and very stretch resistant. Straps are tensioned and eliminate pressure points. ALPS is less effected by osteoporosis, easy to implant, easy to remove and there is no need for imaging because all the metal components are always visible.
The Stryker SpineMask non-invasive tracker optimizes minimally invasive spine surgery through non-invasive patient tracking with the trusted accuracy of Stryker Navigation to enhance clinical outcomes.
Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform “SNAP” – Coupling Intra-operative Navigation with 3D Virtual Reality Surgical Guidance, SNAP utilizes flight simulation technology that enables fly-through of dynamic surgical eye-view, resulting in enhanced situational awareness in minimally invasive surgeries.
The Optio-C® Anterior Cervical System is the industry’s first no profile, modular stand-alone cervical device that offers structural allograft/ autograft and PEEK options.
Sponsored Lunch Symposia

Enjoy a complimentary lunch, and learn about the latest technological innovations and new approaches from some of our top corporate partners. View the schedule and add your complimentary lunches to your registration. Please register for only one sponsored lunch per day.