Lars Olson

2014, Boston

Walter E. Dandy Orator

Sunday, October 19
5:45 - 6:05 PM

Professor of Neurobiology, Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institute

Lars Olson, PhD, a renowned brain scientist and researcher, obtained his PhD at the Karolinska Institute in 1970. He has held his position as Professor of Neurobiology at Karolinska Institute since 1986, has served 11 years as department chairman, and has been a member of the Karolinska Nobel assembly. Olson is chairman of the board of the Swedish Brain foundation. Throughout his career, Olson has studied development, nerve growth factors, degeneration, regeneration and repair in the nervous system. His main research interests include models for Parkinson’s disease and its treatment, models for spinal cord injury and treatment strategies, monoamine neurons, development, growth factors, regeneration, aging, transplantation in the central nervous system, the roles of transcription factors in the nervous system and the Nogo signaling system. His research has been taken from animal studies to novel clinical trials, including therapeutic grafting to the human brain and delivery of NGF to the human brain. For his contributions, Professor Olson has been the recipient of several scientific awards. He has published papers every year since 1964, resulting in some 500 publications in neuroscience and is an original member of the ISI Highly Cited Researchers Database.