Sponsored Lunch Symposia

Sponsored by our exhibitors, this is a no cost lunch symposia in which you can learn valuable information regarding innovative topics in Neurosurgery.

Pre-register for the symposia through the registration website or register onsite. Take advantage of this great opportunity while you can!

The symposia are located in the exhibit hall and take place Monday, October 20 and Tuesday, October 21 from 12:30 – 2:00 PM

Company Name Title Date Room
Boston Scientific Can SCS Treat Patients with Only Low Back Pain? PRO Study: Sustained and Highly Significant Reduction in Low Back Pain with Precision Spectra™ SCS System. 10/20/2014 C
Brainlab Novalis Circle Lunch Symposium – Technical and Clinical Validations of Integrated Surgery and Radiosurgery for Benign Brain Tumors 10/20/2014 A&B
Covidien Changing Clinical Landscapes: The Establishment of Evidence in the Next Generation 10/21/2014 A
Carl Zeiss Impact of Fluorescent Technologies in Neurosurgery: Today and in the Future 10/21/2014 C