Digital Posters

All abstracts accepted for inclusion in the Original Science Program are displayed continuously throughout the meeting as a Digital Poster. These are available for review on multiple screens in the convention center. Following the annual meeting, posters will be available on our website.

Meeting participants have the opportunity to review and print copies of any poster at their convenience throughout the meeting.

Once your original abstract is converted to a Digital Poster, it is available for your enhancement.


Neurosurgical Forum

Neurosurgical Forum is an informal session during which authors make dynamic oral presentations to small groups in an interdisciplinary session. During this 90-minute session, authors present their research to the section president, senior leadership and interested meeting attendees.

Neurosurgical Forum presentations are supported by illustrated posters created from your submission and posted by the CNS. There is no time limit as attendees circulate throughout the Forum during the entire 90 minute session. A Digital Poster must be created for all Neurosurgical Forum abstracts.

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations are eight-minute platform talks on the highest-ranked abstracts from each neurosurgical subspecialty. Each presentation is followed by two-minutes of expert and audience discussion.

Original Science Program

We are committed to facilitating the exchange of the best clinical and basic neurosurgical science through our Original Science Program.

The Original Science Program comprises three distinct formats:

  • Oral Presentations
  • Neurosurgical Forum
  • Digital Posters

Regardless of presentation format, all original science abstracts are made available as online digital posters and archived after the meeting.

All Abstracts may qualify for various Joint Section awards. The best abstracts will also appear in a special section of Clinical Neurosurgery. Authors whose abstracts are selected for Clinical Neurosurgery will be asked to prepare an expanded version of their work.