Sections and Affiliates

We support eight sections dedicated to a neurosurgical subspecialty or a particular neurosurgical population. These sections serve to advance education, research and patient care relative to their individual subspecialties, while advocating for important issues and initiatives within the subspecialty or special population.


Sections are independent with their own rules, officers, meetings, dues and financial accounts, but they also report annually to our executive committee. Our members are eligible to join sections, which include: 

  • Cerebrovascular – Dedicated to education, research and patient care in cerebrovascular diseases 
  • Neurotrauma & Critical Care – Focused on advocacy, education and research in the areas of trauma and critical care of the nervous system
  • Pain – Acts to increase the role of the neurosurgeon in pain management through education and advocacy
  • Pediatric – Dedicated to education, research and patient care in pediatric nervous system diseases
  • Spine & Peripheral Nerves – Dedicated to advancing spinal neurosurgery and related sciences through education, clinical research and improved patient care
  • Stereotactic & Functional Neurosurgery – Fosters the use of stereotactic and functional neurological methods for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system
  • Tumor – Promotes the neuro-oncology education of neurosurgeons and serves as a resource on nervous system tumors
  • Women In Neurosurgery – Serves to inspire, encourage and enable women surgeons
Affiliate Organizations

We support two affiliate organizations:

Section Governance