Joint Washington Committee for Neurological Surgery

This committee develops and promotes organized neurosurgery’s positions on issues affecting the specialty. Through advocacy, policy development and public relations, the committee and the washington office work vigorously to defend and protect the ability of neurosurgeons to practice medicine freely and to help ensure the continued advancement of neurological surgery.

This work is critical, as organized neurosurgery continues to be at the forefront of health policy debates and constantly makes it clear to policymakers in the nation’s capital that we are dedicated to advancing neurological surgery andpromoting the highest quality of patient care.

Visit the Legislative Affairs section for information on the committee's current efforts.

Committee Members

Shelly D. Timmons Chair
Ann R. Stroink Chairperson-Elect
Nicholas C. Bambakidis CNS Appointee
Zoher Ghogawala CNS Appointee
Michael P. Steinmetz CNS Appointee


H. Hunt Batjer AANS President-Elect
Robert E. Harbaugh AANS President
Russell R. Lonser CNS President
Nathan R. Selden CNS Past President


Anthony L. Asher NeuroPoint Alliance/N2QOD
Maya A. Babu American Medical Association
Kimon Bekelis CSNS Resident Fellow
Deborah L. Benzil Communications and Public Relations Committee
Joseph S. Cheng Coding and Reimbursement Committee
Mary Cloninger NERVES
Kevin M. Cockroft Joint Guidelines Committee
Alan R. Cohen Pediatric Section
John D. Davis, IV NeurosurgeryPAC
Sepideh Amin-Hanjani Joint Guidelines Committee
Robert E. Harbaugh Society of Neurological Surgeons
Robert F. Heary Drugs and Devices Committee
Steven N. Kalkanis Joint Guidelines Committee
John J. Knightly Spine Section
Peter E. Konrad Stereotactic and Functional Section
Mark E. Linskey Council of State Neurosurgical Societies
Zachary N. Litvack American Medical Association
Cormac O. Maher ACS/AANS Health Policy Scholar
William Metcalf-Doetsch American Medical Association
John E. O'Toole Joint Guidelines Committee
Paul L. Penar Quality Improvement Workgroup
John K. Ratliff Quality Improvement Workgroup
Andrew E. Sloan Tumor Section
Shelly D. Timmons Trauma Section; ACS; Emergency NS Task Force
Krystal L. Tomei American Medical Association
G. Edward Vates Coding and Reimbursement Committee
William C. Welch Drugs and Devices Committee
Christopher J. Winfree Pain Section
Henry H. Woo CV Section; Coding and Reimbursement Committee
Gabriel Zada AANS Young Neurosurgeons Committee

Staff Liaison

Katie O. Orrico Director, Washington Office