Joint Committee of Military Neurosurgeons

This committee focuses on the unique needs of our members who serve in the military.

US Army

Michael Rosner  US Army
Patrick Cooper US Army
Laurence Davidson US Army
Michael Dirks US Army
Fred Stephens US Army

US Navy

Jeffrey Tomlin US Navy
Mario Cardoso US Navy
Randy Bell  US Navy
Michael Cirivello US Navy
Albert J. Schuette US Navy
John Gilhooly US Navy
Shawn Belverud, (DO) US Navy
Arnett Klugh US Navy
William  Yarde  US Navy
John Engler US Navy
James Campbell, (DO) US Navy
Mason Andrews  US Navy
Cindy Piccirilli US Navy
Chris Neal US Navy
Steve Cobery US Navy
Diana Wiseman US Navy
Meryl Severson US Navy
Lisa Mulligan US Navy

US Air Force

John Steele US Air Force
CJ Burg US Air Force
Todd Eads US Air Force
Jonathan Forbes US Air Force
Ernest Braxton US Air Force
Joseph Hobbs US Air Force
Sven Hochheimer US Air Force
Brian Hood US Air Force
Chris Koebbe US Air Force
Mark Krautheim US Air Force
Randall McCafferty US Air Force
Scott Phillips US Air Force

The following are residents in the system who will have a military obligation

FTOS Residents on AD (ARMY)

Eric Hintz  Army Resident
Daniel Klinger  Army Resident
Rory Petteys  Army Resident
Ryan Brennan  Army Resident
Kristopher Hooten  Army Resident
Ryan Morton  Army Resident
Abraham Sabersky  Army Resident
Bradley Stephens  Army Resident
Kelvin Wilson  Army Resident
Bradley Dengler  Army Resident
Amilyn Taplin  Army Resident
Shane Hawksworth  Army Resident
Robert Buckley  Army Resident
Ian McDougall  Army Resident
Brian Sindelar  Army Resident
Ross Puffer  Army Resident
Brian Corliss Army Resident
Stephen Melnyk  Army Resident
William Carlton  Army Resident
Dewey Thoms  Army Resident

NAVY Residents on FTOS:

Angela Viers Navy Resident
Jonathon Cooke Navy Resident

NCC Residents at Walter Reed:

Corey Mossop (Army) NCC Resident
George Rymarczuk (Army) NCC Resident
Dan Coughlin (Army) NCC Resident
Spinelli, Joe (Navy) NCC Resident
Scott Wallace (Navy) NCC Resident
Curry, Brian (Navy) NCC Resident
Charles Miller (Army) NCC Resident