Joint Drugs and Devices

This committee is actively engaged with the FDA and other scientific, government, clinical and industry representatives to provide neurosurgical expertise in the development of drugs, devices and biologics used for patient care.

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Committee Members

Robert F. Heary, MD,  Chair
William C. Welch, MD,  Vice Chair
Aviva Abosch, MD ,PhD Stereotactic and Functional Section
Frederick G. Barker, II, MD Tumor Section
Maya A. Babu, MD Council of State Neurosurgical Societies
Kimon Bekelis, MD CSNS Resident Fellow
Jean-Valery Coumans, MD Committee Member
Fernando G. Diaz, MD, PhD Committee Member
Richard G. Fessler, MD, PhD Committee Member
Jaimie M. Henderson, MD Stereotactic and Functional Section
Peter E. Konrad, MD Stereotactic and Functional Section
Zachary N. Litvack, MD Committee Member
Geoffrey T. Manley, MD, PhD Trauma Section
Ali Rezai, MD Stereotactic and Functional Section
Howard Riina, MD CV Section
Shenandoah N. Robinson, MD Pediatric Section
Joshua M. Rosenow, MD Pain Section
Charles A. Sansur, MD, MHSc Spine Section
Andrew E. Sloan, MD Tumor Section
Jeffrey S. Weinberg, MD Tumor Section


H. Hunt Batjer, MD AANS  President Elect
Stephen J. Haines, MD Committee Member
Lynda Jun-San Yang Committee Member
John A. Wilson, MD Chair Washington Committee

Staff Liasons

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