2017-2018 CNS Resident Committee

Congratulations to our new 2017–2018 CNS Resident Leadership Fellows!

We are pleased to announce the new CNS Resident Leadership Fellows have been chosen. Residents serving as Leadership Fellows engage fully in the CNS leadership structure, are exposed to committee processes, and gain a deeper understanding of all roles in the organization. Residents serve for a two-year, renewable term. Please check back at a later date if you are interested in applying for the next term.

Education Committee

  • Resident Committee, Education Liaison:  Dr. Joaquin Hidalgo
  • David Hersh, MD
  • Benjamin Kennedy, MD
  • Katie Krause, MD
  • Jay McCracken, MD
  • Adrienne Moraff, MD
  • Brandon Root, MD

Resident Committee

  • Resident Committee, App Liaison:  Dr. Jonathan Pace
  • Resident Committee, Roadmap Liaison:  TBD
  • Resident Committee, Online Content Review Liaison: Dr. Debraj Mukherjee
  • Fernando Alonso, MD
  • David Dornbos III, MD
  • C. Rory  Goodwin, MD
  • Kimberly Hamilton, MD
  • Jonathan Nakhla, MD
  • Thomas Noh, MD
  • Gabriel Smith, MD
  • Kumar Vasudevan, MD
  • Ananth Vellimana, MD
  • Krishanthan Vigneswaran, MD

Ad Hoc Technology Committee

  • Resident Committee, Technology Workgroup Liaison:  TBD
  • Linton Evans, MD
  • Tomas Garzon-Muvdi, MD
  • Elizabeth Le, MD
  • Stephen Reintjes, MD
  • Pratik Rohatgi, MD
  • Joseph Spinelli, MD

Congress Quarterly Committee

  • Resident Committee, CNSQ Liaison:  Dr. Todd Hollon
  • Kunal Gupta, MD
  • Arjun Vivek Pendharkar, MD
  • Rafael Vega, MD