Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/05/46

Dr. Broyles has kept me so busy entertaining him that I haven’t had time to write. And my little girl’s letter has just arrived! More speed than usual - by far! It’s lovely here - sun in full blast, but a little crisp. Sleep under blankets.

I met a young lady – who was Miss Shipley - now Mrs. (Dr.) Hauser - who went to school with you both at high school and Goucher. She is very nice. Her brother was a patient of mine several years ago. She lives in Philadelphia and has a family. There are 41 Philadelphia doctors here with families.

Yesterday a plane (naval) fell in the water off the Inn. Planes and boats flew around the spot for hours. The bodies were finally found, but we could see nothing except the efforts.

There is a nicer crowd than usual here this year. The Scotts still talk about the angel. Of course, Ed can go to Marilyn, but what is Daddy going to do? We got to the Inn at 10 o’clock and were on the golf course half an hour later. The pool is under repair and won’t be open until later in the year, but the sunbathing is still good -- and the ocean. We are in the upper deck patio just above our old room on the beach. I saw the views of Palm Beach and of course I remember that I was once Caruso in my prime, and look at me now! I just can’t hold out! Perhaps when full time comes in, I had better have had a rich wife!!

I hope Walter gets good marks on his exams. I can’t say he hasn’t tried this time. But he certainly has been slow waking up!

Love to all my sweethearts and my best girls most of all.

Daddy x x x x x x x