Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/22/45

I miss my little girl more and more. When I walk to the beach, I wish my little girl were with me. And I wish I could give a Coca-Cola to the little gold digger who admitted why she met me on the 9th hole.

I don’t know why you haven’t received my last letter, written immediately after yours arrived. Have been waiting three days for this one to come. The weather here has been perfect every day - sunshine and warm and no rain. But I think your temperatures have been nearly as high. Have a 100% sunburn. Turned my ankle and am taking a day off. The Philadelphia crowd have gone and nearly all faces are new. I love the book and have read most of it already - one of the nicest books I have.

The other night, we met the President of the Philippines - Quezon - here for a medical checkup in Jacksonville. Brought there by a young medical man who had two years at Hopkins and finished off at Jacksonville. He remembered me and asked to see me. The President was a small, keen, charming man. Eyes so small they were mere slits.

So sorry Helen is quitting. I know perfectly well what will happen. She will not be active and will slump again into her nervous state. But I guess there is nothing to be done about it.

Got a letter from Winkenwerder in the Philippines. Dr. McLeod called me from Florence, N.C. to come down on my way home. Will arrive Monday morning at 7:15, but doubtless later. Hope I will get to see Kitty before she leaves. Glad you enjoyed Bob and Isabel. Tell Helen to spank Margy for me when she is bad.

Love and kisses. Will soon be back.

Daddy x x x x x