Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/14/45

It looks like all men have an Achilles heel - perhaps two. But I haven’t found any for my little girl. Why did you marry such a one?

I never liked Brilops and he certainly didn’t make any contribution this time.

So glad Mary had such a nice visit with Kitty and could appraise her situation. It would be nice for both to go to Wellesley - I hope they do it. The New York trip sounds rather sophisticated, but you know best.

The weather continues perfect, the feet again are O.K. and golf continues, though not too good. Looks like I will continue a soft spot for Al. Last night the Holloways came over for dinner. He recalled the trip with you to Annapolis. She certainly is a lovely person - and has 11 children and looks about 35. Their boy in the army was with them. He now realizes his squandered opportunities at school and is hopeful of getting back into medicine before he is too old.

Am very proud of Walter’s test in chemistry. If he only knew, nothing makes me happier than his successes and Mary’s and Margy’s and Kitty’s. That’s what we live for!

Dr. De Long of Philadelphia, who roomed with me, left today. I liked him very much. And the Philadelphians are nice. They will be leaving during the next few days. There aren’t too many people here from other years. Mrs. Scott still remembers Margaret and how her little grandchild played with her. Have a good sunburn - to the belt with the sun kissed golf costume. Am writing Kitty. Glad to get Mary’s little note. Suspect she passed her physical 100%.

Love and kisses for all my sweethearts, and Fagie, if he is behaving.

Daddy x x x x