Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/04/45

Here we are again, all five of us! For a change we were on time and did not have to stand in line for either dinner or breakfast. And it’s really hot here. The sun beating down like summer. At the Jacksonville station, met several of the Philadelphia doctors who were here last year. We are playing golf this afternoon. So you see - and they commented likewise - that I am a very dutiful husband and father to write so promptly. One of them - DeLong – had no room on arrival and is bunking with me temporarily. Everyone is asking about poor Murphy. They all liked him. The manager told me they turned 250 people away this weekend. I have just been asked if I knew the (M) or Wasson’s and I was blank. You’re supposed to know them and to let me in on your friends.

Hope Walter is on his feet again and feeling normal. His enthusiasm for weddings is just like mine. One thing he takes after me! Did Margaret’s party wear you out? Mary probably had a grand time in Richmond. I thought of them as we passed through. Sleep was just creeping over. Don’t you wish Margy would be more like Mary - meaning perfect. She, too, is just like me! I guess you are responsible for the lemon! Tell Walter to look up the monkey’s cerebral circulation. The birds are making a big racket - the robins are in abundance. Write me with more promptitude - all five of you.


Daddy x x x x x x x