Walter E. Dandy Letter 01/24/45

Here is another good January day and now 45. It doesn’t seem possible that time could have passed so quickly with the sweetest girl in the world. We’ll just have to make the most of the remaining years. Even our baby’s a big girl now!

The time has rolled along quickly and we are now ready to leave tomorrow to go to Guatemala again, perhaps for two days. I couldn’t turn down a Presidential request. I have turned one down when in Guatemala, since it would have consumed too much time.

Have seen a lot of patients here, some of whom are coming to Baltimore. Revilla will have very good material when he comes. Perhaps he will invite us down sometime. Give my last lecture tonight.

Spent this morning inspecting the locks on the Panama Canal. It was wonderful - 4 ships went though in an hour. We watched the locks open and close and the mules pull the ships through the locks. General Newcomer, whose boy I had operated on, took us through and his engineer explained it all. He took us to Ancon, the big sentinel mountain at the entrance to the canal.

Last night we went to a party of Dr. Elmandorf, who was a Hopkins graduate in 1915. This afternoon, going to a cocktail party of General Hines, the ambassador. He was formerly chief of Veteran’s Bureau Hospitals. He is the one I should have operated on for tic douloureux, - but he was a Christian Scientist.

Have had two short swims and hope for a longer one this afternoon. Dr. Revilla’s sister in law takes me out each time - and last night took us to dinner at a “beer garden” - open and cool and very nice. Went to Colon Sunday, where many of his relatives were gathered and had some native food, which was very rich, and I couldn’t eat too much.

Went to Gorgas Hospital yesterday. Dr Herrick is now dead and the great hospital he created is in great disrepair and very dirty. Dr. James is also dead. I don’t quite know when I will get back. Much will depend on what will be done in Guatemala and how I get back from New Orleans.

Got a couple of Panama suits. Think you will like them.

Love and kisses and Happy Birthday,

Walter x x x x