Walter E. Dandy Letter 09/13/39

We had a lovely five-day crossing of the almost perfectly smooth Pacific. No one was seasick. Met great many nice people aboard. Felt pretty sluggish most of the time – my cold flared up again in the cold, raw ‘Frisco weather. It’s now easing off again. Leaving ‘Frisco was a beautiful sight, everyone congregated on the upper deck and paper tapes were passed around by the basketful. The side of the ship was covered with the colors floating downward and those on the dock caught them to hold onto their friends. It was a riot of colors.

Erida was very nice and solicitous of you. Their two little girls were along - 6 and 14. The older one looks like her mother. They have had trouble with her sluggish mentality and her refractory disposition, but she is working out of it now. Reichert plays an important part in this Pan Pacific organization and seems to be very popular. As soon as I arrived. a message reached me that a Dr. Childs was on the telephone. He is an old Missouri classmate. He’s on a neighboring island and wanted me to come over and spend a week with him.

The incoming reception was a beautiful sight. Hula girls and friends brought many “lei” and hung them around your neck. I had half a dozen from Dr. Young’s daughter, another from a young lady doctor from Hopkins, now married and living here. Everyone was snapping photos. The Hawaiians were on the dock singing and the band playing – the routine performance - Japs, Filipinos, Chinese, Hawaiians and Americans formed a conglomerate racial picture.

The weather is lovely. Little showers, but people go on through them and soon dry off. It’s a beautiful big hotel, looks like Boca Raton. Mr. and Mrs. Wouther met me on the way in; also Dr. and Mrs. Goetsch. They have been here a week. Ed and I swam and played golf today. Saw the surfboard riders and canoes shooting the waves - come in very fast. The dining room looks out over the beach.

The Clipper leaves in the morning, so I will get this off in time. Hope you are all well and congenial. Take care of my angel and angels.

Love and kisses,


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