Walter E. Dandy Letter 08/08/39

I miss you very much and hope all goes well. We are looking about San Francisco and will leave on the boat this afternoon so it will be five days before I can send another letter. Reichert met us at the pier. We ferry across five miles of the bay from Oakland where we left the train. It’s a beautiful sight from the ferry. First we pass under the long Oakland Bridge that Hoover built for his fellow Californians before leaving the presidency. Then looking far ahead the big Golden Gate bridge could be seen and alongside the great Federal prison - Alcatraz.

Reichert lives very near the Golden Gate. His house is built on a high hill perhaps 500 feet up and from his back windows (the big living room is at the end of the house), he looks onto the Golden Gate. It’s one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. The hills in San Francisco are terrific - so steep cable cars are used. The autos are almost end up going up or down the hills. The weather is quite cool here always. Overcoats are worn every day in the year, so you see how my Panama hat blends with the climate. I saw one other straw hat, which gave me some comfort. But I will get back in Honolulu where it is always warm. Thirty miles to the south of ‘Frisco, the climate is entirely different. The fog rolls in every evening about 4:30 coming in over the Golden Gate, which is soon hidden from view.

We went to the fair yesterday. It is perfectly beautiful, particularly the lighting, with so many colors. At one end is a vast radial arrangement of colors. The fair is built on a built in island, which will later be used for an airport. It is reached by ferry which takes about 15 minutes, and at night the view of the lit up fair on one side and the great hills of ‘Frisco on the other is marvelous. Erida made a great fuss and was so sorry you were not along. Reichert seems very happy with his work as well as his marital set up. Mrs. Hilyer’s husband practices here. She has a new baby. Ed knows her well and called her on the phone. Have seen several of the men here from Hopkins.

The boat will soon be leaving. Write me in Honolulu. Am anxious to hear all is O.K. Love to all and to father. How’s the angel and the rascals.


x x x x x x Walter x x x

Has Margaret stopped sucking her thumb yet?