Walter E. Dandy Letter 02/18/39

Well, the sunshine is here at last. Had a nice trip down, met a very nice New York doctor - Bill Darrow - who with his wife is going on a houseboat and wander down the coast. We played bridge the last three hours en route. The hotel is nice, but it seems a little lonely to be here and have room to receive you and know no one, but things will brighten up tomorrow when I play golf with Dr. Harris. My hip is acting up some and I don’t know whether it is going to bear up. If it doesn’t, I’ll be home sooner, for there won’t be much fun if I can’t play golf. Will call up Dr. Greene tomorrow - Perhaps I’ll take a drive to Key West on the new highway over the ocean.

The trip down was on a beautiful train pulled by one of the largest diesels - 6000 horsepower. Walter will tell you what that means and Mary will do the square root of it. The engine hit a cow during the night and its macerated remains covered the entire front of the engine. There were 16 cars and scarcely an empty berth.

Don’t you think we could farm the angel out until she behaves better? Certainly she has been hard on her daddy, first giving him the mumps and then ruining his back. Missed you all at the station. Hope you had a good time at the show. Tell my little girls I had a dream last night. It was that when I got home you said they hadn’t quarreled the whole time I was away and of course that made me very happy. Tell them I’ll give them a dollar if the dream comes true. I’d be bankrupt if I paid Margaret for being good. How is the terrible angel?

I shouldn’t be surprised if I get a bid to the prizefight in Miami – you didn’t know about it? How did I arrange my vacation time so? How did I see the fight movies at Keith’s that time? A very smart person - that’s all. Mr. Levy comes down tomorrow and I first had a suspicion of what that may mean. This hotel is 10 miles away from Miami, a bus goes every hour taking 40 min. but there is everything here I came for except friends.

Kiss my big boy and three little girls for me over and over and many kisses and a big hug for my biggest little girl.

x x x x x Walter x x x x