Walter E. Dandy Letter 09/09/38

It’s good to get back to a nice climate - it rained yesterday and again today - nice and cool. A hall full of patients greeted me and I was busy ‘til six. The scales were very good to me 183 - no gain - but that doesn’t necessarily apply to the ladies.

Your mother is about the same. She looks like she would blow away. She is quite drowsy and doesn’t want to get well. Worries Dr. Lenhard. Your father and Mary spend most of the day with her, but she doesn’t pay much attention to them. I’m worried about her, but I have been since she came in. Dr. Thomas is looking after her. Her arm is out of the apparatus.

Mary said Will was in Ocean City for a week. He’ll probably come by here on the way back. Fagie has an infection in his face. Helen had Mike come and get him. He says he is OK. I sent for him to come back today. Hope you are getting good weather. The cantaloupes are at the peak – doesn’t your mouth water! It would be cruel to miss them - even for a sunburn. Hope Mary and Kitty get some good tennis. Am sending Walter’s extended letter. He certainly can write. Take good care of my four little girls, from the biggest on down.


Walter x x x x x