Walter E. Dandy Letter 09/08/38

I was so sorry not to be with you last Sunday, Mother’s second anniversary, but I realize that dates are of little importance as Mother is always with us. Never did anyone ever have a dearer sweeter mother than her boy. I realize, and always have, that nothing mattered to her, except you and me. The last time we were here, just 4 years ago, she was waiting for a letter. I’m so glad she got to see little Margaret.

Mary Ellen is more like mother all the time. Margaret is the sweetest thing. Playing in the water all day except for meals and a brief nap. She is a trial to her mother who must match wits with her to keep ahead. She has two little playmates about her age. The weather is warm in the day and cool at night. Just about right. The corn is just about ripe. Mary and Kitty are having a great time swimming, diving, playing tennis, etc. The meals are good - too good, I fear.

I shall leave Sunday night and be in Baltimore noon, Monday for two weeks, then another week here. The roads were so good we got here 10:30 Tuesday morning -15 hours of driving.

Hope you are well and not too hot. Will be busy next week, I guess. Will call you on arrival.


Walter x x x x x x