Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/11/38

I know full well how she used to wait for the postman and hug the letters and kiss them and they came all too infrequently to please her, but she always excused her boy. Well another vacation is half over but I am well rested already – swimming, sunning and golfing. The weather has been perfect - no rain and sunshine always. One has to take the sun rather gradually as I know from past experience. This is really a remarkable place - all built up in the past 15 years and all so beautiful - all the buildings are white and gorgeous flowers fill all the yards and climb the walls and fences. I wonder if your garden came up? Strawberries are in now, grapefruit and oranges passing their peak.

Saw Dr. Greene the other night and had dinner with him. We spent an hour watching the big Pan American planes come in from various points in South American and land so gracefully in the water. They are safer than railroads, although I can’t make Sadie believe it. The man who runs this place - McFadden - is a crank on super health. He lectured the other night in a big hall and it was overfilled and many turned away. All because it was free, and so much sheer nonsense. Have seen several doctors who came from Hopkins. All are doing well. They get the winter crowds. It’s difficult to get rooms in Miami and Miami Beach 5 miles away even though the hotels are many and big. Every year the crowds get bigger.

Yesterday I went down the bay in a big yacht - Barney Baruch’s. The yachts were as numerous as automobiles. It’s a favorite place for them to collect. One of my patients is living on his boat here - a tremendous ocean-going one.

Have you been over to see my angel and the other angels and rascals? Sadie said she was much more disturbed about your leaving her than me. I miss them all very much and hate to see them get older. Hope you are well. It won’t be long now until the garden will be in full bloom. Will soon be seeing you and I hope in the best of health -

With love,

x x x x x x Walter x x x