Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/11/38

Thanks to all for the nice letters which I have enjoyed, but Margaret didn’t send me even a scratch. I hope she won’t forget me like Mary Ellen did. Well the time is slipping fast - now half gone, but I’m using it well and am as red and brown as an Indian – but not too much - not today! You are all doubtless listening to Charlie McCarthy and I am not getting my head rubbed and it needs it badly - a little overtime will be in order. Got a nice letter from Mr. Geist inviting me to see him and have a good vacation. But it’s nice here. Ben Baker and I go to a different golf course every day. And they are both numerous and beautiful. The one today was the most elaborate and extravagant course I have seen - quite an exclusive one. Was out to dinner with your friend Bob Harris and wife - both are very nice - they have no children, so I can’t say much about Margaret - In fact I am always very mum on that subject.

Tell Walter I enjoyed his letter with the notations of the important places to see and Kitty’s letters and Mary Ellen’s were so nice.

Had dinner with Dr. Greene and spent an hour watching the huge birds land so gently in the water. Wished I had an excuse to travel to South America on one. They are perfectly safe - and besides, one’s wife can travel free! Dr. Greene has been so brave about adjusting his life to his cardiac calamity.

The woman I was to come down to see was operated on by a local man (my charge too high). He got into the spinal fluid in the presence of an abscess and it will probably prove fatal or leave her permanently paralyzed. The Charlottesville woman was recovered at the last note.

Played bridge with Dr. & Mrs. Harris, so you see I’m keeping in practice. Heard from Mrs. C.A.M.T.V., but doubt that I shall get there. Mr. Miller is quite ill and I may have to run back with him before my time is up, though I’m hoping not. My assistants are getting a week apiece at home. The weather is perfect. Lots of sun, water and golf.

Love and kisses to each and every one of my little family and then the biggest and smallest.

x x x x x Walter x x x x