Walter E. Dandy Letter 02/23/38

Why don’t you come down Sunday and stay the last week with me? You would get a rest which you need and it would be good for all. You could bring the angel if you wish, but she would be an anchor around your neck and cramp your style greatly. You wouldn’t have much fun with her and she would be better at home. Come on the Orange Blossom Seaboard. You could get along here without me when playing golf.

Dr. Greene loaned me his car and since I got two days allotment of sunshine the first day I took a ride to Key West over the highway (overseas) the second day. It was a lovely trip. One bridge was 7 ½ miles long and there were 30 or 40 of ½ to 3 miles. It’s 160 miles each way. I got back at 7 o’clock just as it was getting dark. Daylight is an hour or more longer here than in Baltimore - ask the little girls or (omniscient) Walter why!

Today is very cold 40 - needed the sweater! It’s the only cold day I’ve seen in Florida. There are hundreds of robins on the golf course waiting for the weather to moderate up north. I thought of the poor little robin at home that made a mistake.

Had a nice morning with the daughters of Mrs. Green of Missouri - and their husbands. They were to take me fishing tomorrow, but the windy cold weather caused a postponement. Saw an old patient, Cositer from Texas, the one to whom I was to fly a couple of months ago. Had dinner with him last night. The McCormacks and the little boy are here.

The hip is holding up quite well. Never anything like that morning - but it persists. Still I can get along with it. Dr. Baker and bride just arrived - haven’t seen them. How are my kiddies? And my big girl? Am quite sunburned. The cold has almost vanished. Saw a patient today who may come for an operation. Had a nice medical meeting. Played golf today with the aviator who landed the big plane outside Baltimore in a big fog, 2 or 3 months ago. Hope you can come.

Love to all, top to bottom and kisses.

x x x x x x Walter x x.