Walter E. Dandy Letter 02/28/37

A week is now past. You wouldn’t know your red faced sunburned friend. The weather has been lovely - warm and sunny until today - it is raining gently and looks like a day with no sunshine. Have been getting good exercise - golf every day, swimming in the morning. Hope my little family is tip top. I miss everyone more than I can tell you. Have been waking about 8 every morning thanks to Humpy - but still I would rather have her and hear that dear little call in the morning and find her in the midst of a badly upset room and having my underwear thrown off the radiator to make room for “voo voo.” It won’t be long until Walter wends his way southward. How are my little angel twins - no more quarreling!

Mr. Geist had some heart attacks. I persuaded him to have Dr. Harrison come down. He stopped his golf and made him rest till noon every day. He took it very well, although it’s his real life - no other diversions. Two of his daughters are here - both lovely and beautiful girls. Dr. Can had to stop his golf because his joints became swollen. He had arthritis before coming down. His wife is lovely - much like my girl. You would like her.

So sorry to hear of the little Daley girl and Miss Rowe. Your letter was a very long time coming. Were you getting even? You should see the swanky dresses the ladies wear here. This is no place for poor people. Mr. G. has a new patented engine that is going to make me so rich that I won’t want to do brain surgery any more. The suit arrived yesterday. Just called Mrs. C and will go over Friday evening. Leave Sunday morning arriving Monday at 12 - Hat and coat, please!

Love & kisses to all my kiddies - 5 of them -

Walter x x x x x