Walter E. Dandy Letter 02/28/37

I miss you all so much. I suppose Margaret is like Mary Ellen – will probably never ask about her daddy the whole time he is away. Do you remember how Mary broke her daddy’s heart?

Got my first sunshine today - and took it modestly - I think.

Yesterday I had to go to Miami with Mr. Geist. He is in pretty bad shape, looks badly and has lost 14 pounds - also has heart pains. I persuaded him to send for Louis Harrison who is leaving Baltimore today. He is a hard customer to handle, but his wife and I finally persuaded him that he could not afford to do anything less than see the best.

Have seen several people whom I know. Dr. Core, who went to school about my time. Met Dr. Paul on the train - another doctor from Boston here. Last night I went to a large dinner party given by Mrs. Geist. It was a beautiful setting with flowers in profusion. Every kind of wine and delicious food - ice cream with blazing cherries - Please page the kiddies!

Did you get any snow yesterday? Forgot to tell you went to the races yesterday at Hialeah - (Miami) - tremendous jam - never saw so many Packards and Cadillac’s, etc. - everybody seems to have them, anything less is in no standing. There is the same condition here, too. It’s nice and a little chilly today - also yesterday after a spring shower, but the sun is warm. The day I arrived it was quite hot.

How are my little kiddies? Tell me when I get back that Mary and Kitty never quarrel any more. I hope all goes well at school - that Margaret never loses booties, that Walter gets his arithmetic with better? assistance. Give my regards to Margaret (Sr.) & Will.

Kiss my little pal and all my little kiddies, all of whom I miss & miss & miss.

Love & kisses,

x x x x x Walter x x x x x