Walter E. Dandy Letter 02/21/37

Here I have played golf and haven’t written my little girl! Such a train, no stationery, and such a place here - no pen. But despite all handicaps of backwoods places, I am writing, even though with a pencil. My train was 2 hours late. I rushed out to this golf course to get my initial sunbath and found another who was alone and looking for a partner and a really nice fellow he was. But at the 15th hole, we were driven in by a sudden spring shower. The clouds were so black it almost was nighttime. Coming in the clubhouse, whom do you think I saw - Mr. and Mrs. Hook! They are leaving tonight after a two week sojourn. I also met on the golf course Mr. Ludwig of the Bik X suggestion. Tell Margaret her friend was the first I saw and doubtless for a purpose! Keyser Manley is here from Baltimore. You know, I operated on his mother. I saw his bulging frame at a distance. The club is full - 600. Weather has been perfect.

How is my little girl? I hate to run off and leave her and my little kiddies – and I wouldn’t if I didn’t think it was the wisest thing to do. I hope you are having a good time with Will and Margaret. But don’t wear yourself out entertaining. How are my little angels and rascals and how is Margaret? Don’t let her forget her daddy. Nor for that matter any of my little Kiddies. I feel safe about my big angel.

Better go over and see the model. I don’t think you locked the upper drawer in the trunk, but I couldn’t open it and finally had to pry it loose. Perhaps there’s a trick I didn’t know, but it had me going for a while.

Love and kisses to my little girl and all my little Kiddies & Fagin.

Walter x x x x