Walter E. Dandy Letter 07/24/36

Mother continues much the same, her temp was higher 104.2 last night, but she doesn’t look any worse and possibly her cough is a little looser.

I am sending you a ticket for Lilly. This will allow you to check your baggage. Get a section and put Margaret in the upper berth where she can be penned in securely. She couldn’t possibly sleep in the lower with Lilly. Tell her to give the porter 50¢ or 75¢ when she gets off. He can bring meals to both of them. Tell her to tip the waiter 25¢. She may not know these things. I may yet be able to run up, since mother isn’t changing much. I could get there in the morning and leave right away and let you take the evening train. Please stay out your full time. I wonder if you could get out on Saturday, or if you could leave Sunday night the 2nd. I could possibly leave here in order to leave there Monday morning – avoiding the big weekend travel. Or possibly leave there Thursday the 30th. Let me know your wishes in the matter.

I went to York, Pennsylvania the other night to see an accident case – 6 yr old boy ran in front of auto. He died in a few hours.

Have been busy right along. Am anxious to see you all. Mrs. Hook wants a lock of Margaret’s hair. Have been playing golf right along. Father keeps busy around the house. Your mother calls us every day. Is Margaret talking any? How about thumb sucking? Glad you have all been happy and content and that the little girls don’t quarrel anymore. That always hurt me more than anything connected with our little family. They should be so happy and love each other. I’m afraid there won’t be many of their little playmates around when they return.

Love and kisses and hugs to each and maybe one for Margaret, too.

Walter x x x x x x x x x x