Walter E. Dandy Letter 07/23/36

Mother is very sick. Her temperature rises to 103.4 and now is up most of the day. Her pulse and respiration are also up. She coughs a lot. They don’t know yet what is the cause though it must be in the lung. But shows so little - in fact nothing but the old X-ray shadow. I don’t think I can get away - unless by some unlooked for chance that the condition will break spontaneously. It looks to me like a steady downward course. She does eat pretty well, but is too tired and exhausted. The examinations wear her down a great deal, but she is very patient and is trying hard to get well. A swelling developed in her arm and had to be punctured. There was no pus. The cough bothers her more than anything.

I rather think your plan of coming home is the best. I should feel safer having you down home than to send Emerson, but I just don’t know. You would have no trouble. Just take it easy and in three days. Walter will guide you perfectly. I think the best way is to go to the Mohawk trail - then over to the Hudson, then down the Hudson on either side. I think there is a short cut bridge at Hudson New York to the west side or Hudson New York to the west side. Or you can go down the Albany post road to the George Washington or Bear Mt. Bridge and then down. Wish I could have been with you. Be sure to pick a day for Lilly or the baby when the sleeper goes through from Portland to Baltimore. This is only on certain days: Wed, Thurs, Friday and Sunday. Leaves Portland at 9:35 PM. I would start driving so you will end up without Saturday and Sunday on the road.

Lots of love to my little kiddies and their mother.

x x x x x Walter

If you prefer Emerson, let me know. Helen takes good care of us.