Walter E. Dandy Letter 07/19/36

Did you know something – when you get this letter you will be 9 years old. And Daddy only hopes that every nine yeas will bring him as much happiness as you have brought in these nine. Of course, mother has some memories about milk, etc., but aside from this and fighting with K.L., I think you have just been perfect. I will never forget how you used to “hug Daddy tight” every night and so tight he had to grunt. You will miss your little party at home, but I presume you are having much more fun in New Hampshire. Don’t get too sunburned and bring the freckles out too much. Do you remember when I just happened to come in the driveway and your carriage ran into my car before it got going very fast? Otherwise, you would have gone across the road and might have hit a car in the street. Also, do you remember the time you were walking the wall and I went back to get the cane you had lost? Then got back just in time to catch you in my arms as you fell head foremost. These were almost two miracles, weren’t they? How close I came to losing my little angel!

Grandmother is very sick, but talks about your visit with her and how sweet you were. Really, there isn’t anything in the world so wonderful as a sweet little girl and a big one too. That was why I picked Mommy and that is why you were sweet too. Granddaddy is living with me now and is sleeping in your bed. He is very worried, as I am.

Am looking forward to seeing you all again. It seems such a long time. You mustn’t forget your daddy, for you will never have anyone who will love you so much - except Mother.

Love and kisses and 10 spanks for which I will substitute kisses.