Walter E. Dandy Letter 07/10/36

It won’t be much longer before I can hug and kiss all of you. Have been very busy. If I can get through, will leave here Wednesday or Thursday, but can’t quite see that far ahead. I might even be the end of the week! Tell Mary I enjoyed her nice letter.

Mother thinks Walter at least should have written her a letter. I think after what she has done for them and all the work she has done so gladly, it would be a very small thing for each of the children to send her a nice letter. Little things mean so much to her.

I took Mrs. Malone, your mother and my mother swimming yesterday. All had a good time. They are all improving. When we got back, your father came out in great excitement and notified us that Aunt Cora had (purposely) cut her neck, but scarcely nicked the skin.

Played golf yesterday - temp 103°. It was sure hot, but that was the first hot day.

So sorry about your back. Was it like the attack you had before the scarlet fever?

Peter and the Wyckoffs go to Cape Cod next week. I forgot to tell you I took the three Wilson children swimming. Martha is developing into a very pretty sweet girl. Leslie was wearing the bathing suit that Walter had outgrown.

Am anxious to see all my little kiddies and Margaret. Helen is taking good care of me. Fagin still loves me. Weaver gave him a bath. Cantaloupes are not yet in - probably another week. Haven’t seen the Goodriches since I came back. The house is closed. Anxious to see Walter’s snakes. Am glad to know that Mary and Kitty never quarrel any more. It was worth going to New Hampshire.

Will see you all soon – In the interim, much love and many kisses,