Walter E. Dandy Letter 02/02/36

The time is flying too fast, but I’ll be glad to see my cute little family again. It’s perfectly wonderful here. Perfect weather, lots of sunshine, and the most magnificent place in the world. Have good sunburn and not taken too rapidly. The swimming is good, plenty of golf. Many nice people here.

Mrs. C. called me and I had to go to a dinner yesterday - all foreign nobility and all with marital difficulties, which is taken for granted. I got back safely, but there is a good chance of capturing a title if things could be properly arranged. They don’t have much difficulty in doing it. There were Russian, French, English, and Hebrew - just a matter of choice. Nothing will do but that I spend the last three days there, so I guess I go back - but I am trying to formulate an excuse I must have dinner with Mr. Stokesbury (who is the social leader in Palm Beach!). He is so anxious to see me again!

A French count is staying at the Villa today and such a charming fellow. He wears a monocle and does it nicely. A little training in the mechanics and the required social amenities of its proper usage will probably be acquired by American surgeon before returning to Baltimore. You are missing more than I thought. This is, of course, the height of the season - which I missed before.

My practice, both foreign and domestic, should increase rapidly now, making the trip would be well worthwhile in both social and economic ways. Will you stand in my way if I can get a countess? Mr. Geist says I should stay here and forget it all. Think what it would mean to my little kiddies to be of the great nobility.

Just got your letter, which I thought was never coming. Take good care of my little kiddies and don’t let Margaret forget me. Love and many kisses to the acme of American nobility.

Walter x x x x x x