Walter E. Dandy Letter 01/30/36

It’s a long time since I wrote you – because I have been staying home so much. The train here was 1 hr. late – so Mr. Geist didn’t wait, but arranged for his professional to start off with me. They didn’t give me a chance to write you pronto, but even so, it’s better than usual, isn’t it?

What a beautiful place it is, all covered with flowers inside and all Spanish on a tremendous scale – the longest lobby in the world and all kinds of flowers covering the walls and hanging from the ceilings. It’s sunny and warm – played in shirtsleeves and little perspiration. I presume you got some snow. It snowed way down in North Carolina and quite heavily. Met Balliers on the train. He is flying to Jamaica going to the bay across the island. Ran into Mr. Ellis (of the boat trip). The place is about half full - such a display - but not a garish one - I have never seen.

How are my little kiddies? I hope you are “laissez faire-ing” them more. They are good, with only the weakness of kiddies. I have been thinking that I should like to have Margaret now, just as Mary Ellen expressed it. How is the little angel now? Hope Kitty Lou is not sensitive about her musical demonstration.

Is the Juniper Lake holding out as a skating rink? Don’t you think Walter would make a good professional minstrel man? I won’t get a chance to tell him how well he did it. It was well worth waiting over three days to see - that and Kitty Lou, of course.

Wish my little girl was along. She would have a grand time inspecting the Spanish ruins, including all the furniture in the rooms (looks like peasant stuff to me). Will bring you some other time. The big high vaulted rooms are like many cathedrals - all in one. Take care of my little kiddies as well as my fourth (1st) girl. Let the big boy shift for himself. Hope you had a nice trip with him to New York. Wish I were along.

Bye bye and many kisses,

Walter x x x x x x

Dropped a line to Palm Beach that I was here – may hear something.