Walter E. Dandy Letter 01/31/36

It seems like old Jekyl days to be writing you from Florida in mid-winter. But in all my halcyon days, I never saw such finery and luxury. The club roster reads like a directory of Wall Street and big business, although not the men of such caliber as old Jekyl used to show.

It snowed all the way down into North Carolina, but it was lovely and warm here. I played golf in the afternoon in shirtsleeves. Had dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Geist. Such a fancy dining room, I have never seen. The most beautiful flowers everywhere – inside and out. This place cost $10,000,000 to build and to keep it up must mean a fortune and to live here must mean another fortune. I don’t see how they can make it pay, regardless of extreme prices. Mr. Geist bought it for 6¢ on the dollar and it paid $160,000 last year. It’s just a division with him.

Met a man here who was on the boat trip with us two years ago. I am going swimming this morning.

Miss my little family. Did I tell you that Mary Ellen asked if she couldn’t sleep with Margaret sometime? She “just wanted to hug her tight.” I feel so too and for all the rest of them, although they can’t pay nearly as much attention to their daddy. Walter said to Cookie: “Hey Squirt, did you know pappy is going away.” That’s the slang they get at a private school. He was so good in his minstrel play at school and Kitty Lou was so sweet playing the piano all alone. Wish you could have seen them. They are all so different and each has individual virtues. Margaret is going to be like her brother.

Hope you and Papa are well. Glad it’s not necessary to pull the tooth. Don’t get any more upsets of the cold. When the weather is better you must come over and see more of Margaret. She says “bye bye” now, but acts more than she says.

From your loving son,

Walter x x x x x x