Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/30/30

Here I am up at 6 o’clock as per routine, but with western time that means 5 AM. Even the shocks of a train can’t overcome the accumulative effects of a militant young family. But I presume you would find relief in the cold and snow and 5 AM for Kitty Lou has probably been sending you periodic kicks in various spots, since 2 or 3 AM. What a little terror she is! I can’t forget that dirty food-smeared face flooded with great tears after suffering mental and physical penalties for her mother’s inherited traits. Tell my big boy how sorry his daddy is to have left him so summarily. My little girl saved the day, for there wasn’t time to spare. She’s always right there when needed and she’s always needed.

When leaving Philadelphia yesterday, the packing blew out of the cylinder head and we were held up 25 minutes until another engine picked us up. Then we lost several more minutes going up hill with a cold engine. We pulled into Harrisburg 20 minutes late, leaving me only 35 minutes to go to the hospital and catch my train. However all went well and with a few minutes to spare. There wasn’t anything to do - that is more than they were doing.

It is raining and slushy this morning coming into Chicago. A little snow remains on the ground in patches. Had sausage and cakes in the diner. Ask Mary Ellen if she wouldn’t like to have breakfast with Daddy in the diner. I can see that pretty little pink face blanch when food was suggested on our memorable trip to Philadelphia. But she is her Daddy’s little angel, nevertheless. If it warms up a little, you might be able to have the car washed. Kiss my little girls and the big boy and their dear little mother, and hug them all together; their traveling daddy will soon be home, bringing some potential shoes behind him.

With love, Daddy x x x x x x to Walter, Mary Ellen, Kitty Lou, Sammy. .