Walter E. Dandy Letter 07/31/29

Do you remember the perturbations of July 31 - two years ago and what came the next morning. How disappointed I was at the little lady’s appearance! Was a good example of “all that glitters is not gold” and reversed, much that’s gold and better – need not glitter at birth. I miss my little family - all of them. Most of all, the little mother. I hope your rest and play gives a brief respite from the trials of the past and those to come. But they are worth it all and much more. I was so sorry to disappoint my little girl, for I know how intent she was on the little outing, but such is the life of a doctor’s wife – never secure and certain.

It is now 9 PM (Father and Mother have just arrived in the taxi). I have been writing since 9 this morning. It has been delightful and cool with clouds overcast and good breeze. It is even delightful down here in Florida, but doubtless I will catch it coming back. At any rate, I have made another big hole in Dean Lewis’s book. A few more and the dog in the bottom of the Wheatena dish will begin to show up – “all gonny!” Kiss my little angel on her second birthday. She is the sweetest thing in the world, surely - of her age or thereaboutsl

Wish my little girl were along, though I fear the long railroad journey would tire her. Some day we will come by boat. Mr. Miranda should show me a nice time. At least I hope he will learn of my visit and escort me around Havana. Tomorrow morning we will be passing over the Florida Keys - the eighth wonder of the world. Kiss my little angel again - and again. And play with my big boy, hammering nails, etc. Kiss Kitty Lou - she will probably be walking when I get back and kiss my little sweetheart - over and over.

With all my love,

Walter x x x x x x x