Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/10/28

Can’t I get the little angel now and watch her “ba” – and kick her right foot in terrible anger! The big boy is all soaked, as I left him without any covers! And now for Kitty Lou and her bottle and then the rewarding smile. But no, it’s only a dream, the time is night -- about 10 o’clock - but its many miles prevent what I look forward to every night. I need my little girl to rub my head - among other things quite numerous and indispensable except for forced short occasions.

Well, one leg of the four is over now. This morning I talked on spinal cord tumors – this afternoon on hydrocephalus. I told about the new operation. Tomorrow three more talks - morning, afternoon, and night, and then on the Katy to Kansas City for another series nearly in duplicate. You should have seen your boy write yesterday - all day with scarcely a break. I wrote up the new operation for hydrocephalus - two articles for Dr. Lewis’s system - what a job that is going to be! The weather is moderate with light rain today. In Chicago there had been a light, dry snow and the weather was brisk and snappy. One of last year’s interns- Dr. Randall - is here and has assembled some cases - one on arteriovenous aneurysm which is more remarkable than any I have ever seen.

I have pictured my little family so many times. I’ll never forget Mary Ellen’s rosy, sweet face at the door as I left. Nor will I forget the engine coming right at Walter and scaring him. I think that rather ruined his subsequent treat. He is a dear little rascal with all his enthusiasm and cleverness; he compensates, and more, I think for his Ivanism.

Kiss them all and then my little girl supreme and always her lover,

Walter xxxxx