Walter E. Dandy Letter 07/30/28

July 30, 1928

I’m nearing El Paso on the same route and train that I used 5 years ago on my circuit trip. The weather was hot though Missouri, not so bad through Kansas and last night it got quite cool after a heavy rain in the desert region. I passed through Sedalia en route and as usual was quite homesick and reminiscent of boyhood days. It certainly doesn’t look like much to an unbiased eye, but it almost seems best of all to me. I guess it’s like you and Walter, he surely is bad enough, but you won’t see it, even when Father’s tie is crooked.

It’s remarkable what little insignificant occasions flit though one’s mind when passing the scenes of boyhood days. I even thought of how Ervie and I drew a wagon all the way across town to Stevenson’s ice plant to bring back ice more cheaply - 5¢ - and make some salty old ice cream at his house and I also visaged the path of the trip with the frog catching man to Otterville and the Laurine River - and the little fish hanging on a string on the snowy day in March when Mother met me all afear on Center Street. I guess I was really as much trouble then as my boy is now. It was always “What can I do next, Mamma?”

Have had a good time writing. Last night I finished another paper on tic douloureux – my new operation. Just before leaving, I sent away another big one. This year I have been keeping the printing press hot. Traveling is a great boon to me. It is real economy from a financial standpoint and, better, a great opportunity from a construction point of view - also a good rest. Isn’t it fortunate I didn’t live 100 years ago or even 50 when there was no surgery and Pullman railroads. Without the latter, I wouldn’t be able to think!

Go over and see my boy and the little sunflower. But I will be back when you get this letter. You must come over every week and watch them grow and win their affection. I have been pretty lucky in my big venture, don’t you think? I hope the next is a boy, when the family should be complete.

With love and kisses from your loving son,

Walter x x x x x x