Walter E. Dandy Letter 07/19/28

I don’t think my little girl would care much to be making this trip with her boy. Nor is it a trip over which to thrill, but a duty. It doesn’t seem possible to avoid without shirking. I hope she is not going to be lonesome. She is pretty well fortified with Margaret and then that big boy is getting more interesting and sociable.

How sweet little Mary Ellen looked peeping out the window as her daddy was sliding down the roadway. If she remains as sweet as she is now she will be an incomparable young lady. But she should be with her dear little mother as an example and as a source of quality. I was rushing around so much before I left that the big boy was missed, at least a peep through the door at his “innocent” sleeping form. I don’t think he is so bad - on sunny days. Wouldn’t he have a good time riding the Spirit of St. Louis? It is just rolling out of Harrisburg. The observation car is put on here. So you can see I have taken the first opportunity to send my little pal her note. It should get off at Altoona after a ride along the Juniata River.

Who is going to give my little pair their bath this morning? Will Walter say “Where’s Daddy?” Wish I could be back for Mary Ellen’s birthday, but I fear the train won’t travel quite that fast.

Kiss my two little girls and my big boy from their loving Daddy,

Walter. x x x x x