Walter E. Dandy Letter 05/03/28

How I have wished my little girl was taking a vacation here with me, but this more serious phase of life has decreed that she must be denied. But never mind, I know of someone who will always have her in his mind to give her those things she most desires.

I had fully intended not coming this time, but was pretty well worn out. It almost seemed necessary - at least advisable - and down in her heart I knew my little girl really wanted me to get a vacation. I am very fortunate to be as favored with this superlative type of vacation even though it is a man’s vacation. In my Sedalia days, such would have seemed an impossibility.

I have thought of my little pal so much and have missed her and the two little kiddies, all of which give me a supreme joy of life. Those are the big things - It’s nature’s way, which make the poor man happy when the superficial emoluments may be denied.

It’s lovely and cool here, though it was hot through the Carolinas. It’s balmy and breezy.

I wish I could kiss my little girl and wipe her tears away - though I hope there won’t be any more ‘til next Thursday at least - and kiss my big boy and the dear little Titian. I’ll never forget how sweet she was, standing with the tears rolling down and couldn’t get down. Kiss my wonderful trio.

Daddy x x x x x