Walter E. Dandy Letter 02/28/28

How are my little girl and her orphans of a weekend? I think she had a very gay and thrilling time after her past period of a recluse.

Did you know the train we left was wrecked at Chester, Pennsylvania? It was a terrible looking thing with the huge engine on its side, the track torn up, and several big Pullmans lying half on their side. They had just moved them off the track as we came along and were delayed only half an hour. Every now and then our train stopped to pick up the section hands to take them to the wreck. Couldn’t see Mr. Shaeffer’s car. It had been removed with the other cars on the rear.

I presume my little girl has had a lesson and is now a very proficient driver?

Saw Mrs. Roche in New York. She is pathetic, afraid of everything, can’t do anything, thinks everyone is conspiring against her. I doubt that she can ever get back to herself again.

Had a good meeting last night - well attended. I was embarrassed by the eulogies. Spent this morning with “Jack” of Cleveland. Arrive at Cincinnati in the morning and Memphis tomorrow night, 10:05.

Tell the big boy his daddy wishes he could be with him and turning summersaults. And riding “Daddy’s back” and the “bucking horses” and getting the big “cover” “in there.” And taking him to see the stars and Jupiter, etc. And he would also be cuddling his “baby sister” with her bewitching smile, pink cheeks and hair and blue eyes. Such a little dear, but how can she help it? Her Momma is just as sweet.

With all my love to all my happy little family. Bye bye and kisses every hour.