Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/14/27

Daddy thinks his boy is developing so fast that he ought to write him a letter. Perhaps "Mommie" can help him read it, but it won't be very long before that won't be necessary. Mommie and Daddy are proud of their big boy and his development - mental and physical - and trust it is an accurate index of what is to come.

Daddy and particularly Mommie sacrifice a great deal to have our boy. We might be together very much more. But there is no sacrifice which isn't a pleasure when we consider the thrills past, present, and coming with his progress. Daddy would rather "taken the big boy moon" and "taken him choo-choo" than enjoy any other pleasure which might be offered. He had such a good time with him yesterday afternoon with the choo-choo and at the hospital. He is so happy to see his enthusiasm and his quick grasp of things seen and heard. Mommie and Daddy are always thinking about him and hope he will develop always so that he will be a source of pride to them and to himself and Mary Ellen who will soon be big enough to admire her brother and look to him as a model boy.

And Mommie and Daddy are always going to try to live so that their big boy may have an example - the best they can. Good night, Walter. When Daddy gets back, he will get so many new thrills from the new mental advances. He would love to take him to "Daddy's tubby" with the "gooses, shoap, boat, brushes, face," etc. Mommie will always be there to take Daddy's place, too.

Daddy has been watching the little colored boys pick the ripe cotton.

Hug Mommie tight, show her Jupiter, the half moon, and stars. Hug Mary Ellen, pat her head and put her in bed, too. Bye bye, Walter. Daddy is sending a lot of kisses to you, baby sister - and Mommie and Grandmommy and Granddaddy.

x x x x x x Daddy x x x x x x