Walter E. Dandy Letter 10/16/27

You can see under what handicaps I am working to write to my little girl. It looks like the writing of the airplane. "Hairpin."

I miss my little girl more every trip I go away and I also miss my boy and other little girl. Surely no one can be so happy to have who loves him dearly and also a little boy and girl both of whom he hopes will love him. We have a big responsibility, haven't we little sweetheart, to make ourselves worthy of their love and the confidence and respect which they show so eagerly and innately. They are putting the burden of justification on us, or rather nature has ordained it so. There is far more pleasure for me - and both of us, so I have learned from my little girl of pure sterling - in the little family circle with its aspiration and potentialities than in the other possible outside attractions with their seeming greater acclaim and honors. And they need all the efforts we can give them. Don't you think a great artist in seeking a scene for happiness should be content with our little family?

Daddy can't "take the big boy to see the moon and Jupiter" tonight, nor help make Mary Ellen's dimples withdraw in a big smile when her tummy is full of milk nor can he hug his little girl again for a week. He realizes the price he is paying, but the mental pictures of the past he is always living over in his day and night dreams.

Will my little girl have her new dress when I get home? It's now 7 o'clock and soon bed will be calling with no 5 o'clock alarm, but I shall miss my big boy's happy voice in the morning and "Daddy's tubby " later on. Kiss my little sweetheart good night and her big boy and little girl.

With all my love to the sweetest little girl in the world.