Walter E. Dandy Letter 08/27/27

August 7, 1927 (sent to The Johns Hopkins Hospital)

Your peripatetic sweetheart has done a big day's work writing - a chapter in the book soon to appear. It was quite a grind as you may well know, but it has to be done, perhaps tomorrow another and few more efforts should complete.

My little girl looked so good after her big ordeal and she is always so sweet and loving, it just makes me think how lucky I am to have her and her big boy, and now the little lady. Surely my cup of happiness is brimful with all life's choicest blessings. I just keep thinking about my girls and water, which he has just learned to pronounce - even if he wouldn't play ball with his daddy but chose his "grenden" instead of his utter exclusions. I was just wondering if he was again gazing at the moon - and demonstrating his new discovery! Soon my little girl will be home again if she doesn't get hugged - then someone guesses wrongly. I think Mother and Father will want to hold onto the little rascal. He has certainly added zest to their past two weeks.

It's such a lovely evening, the fine highway in upper North Carolina is crowded with cars. I wish I had my little girl motoring through. I have just read her lovely little note. It's what I miss so often! It always makes me happy, of course. Perhaps I will see my little sweetheart before she gets this letter, for I shall be on my way back in a few hours. We are just approaching Greensboro.

Love and kisses, both quantity and quality, to the dearest little girl in the world and her boy and new girl.

Walter x x x x x x x x x x