Walter E. Dandy Letter 05/15/27

Daddy has missed his boy and girl more than he can tell you. I do hope it is not too lonesome for the next few days. It can't be as bad as a year ago when the big boy was not so omnipresent.

It is a wonderful trip and such a nice crowd of men. It is a complete relaxation of mind. Much to my surprise the nights are cool and delightful. Last night, which they say is typical, we slept under a blanket. There is a nice breeze. Such luxury of travel. Have a room and a bath all to myself. Am writing this at Arcadia, a little place of 5000 near our destination. The corn is in tassel and the cobs nearly ripe. The land is more fertile than farther north. Am looking forward to the thrill of tarpon fishing, of which many stories have been told en route.

I was just thinking how much more I can relax due to Dr. Lewis' fixing the sterilization. Last December, it was such a terrible departure.

I suppose my little girl is pulling weeds and getting the porch fixed with furniture for the summer. And the big boy is doubtless on that incessant tramp and strewing his path with everything his eye can see and fingers reach. That cute vocabulary of 50 words will probably have doubled when his daddy comes again at his peremptory summons to play with him. My boy and girl are before me in my mind's eye and thoughts. So many the times I have thought how full my life has been made by my little Sweetheart. What is there more in the world which I could ask and who has more of real sterling. Wasn't I pretty smart at the elevator, but after that - wasn't my little girl smart - much smarter. The one was an impulse and ever so correct; the other more knowing, and so wise.

With all my love to the sweetest girl and boy in the world.

x x x x x Walter