Walter E. Dandy Letter 05/17/27

Your son has developed into a real sportsman as you probably surmised. Such luxury - traveling in a private car with a stateroom and bath and delicious food, etc. We are a

at a place which is not unlike Jekyl. The main attraction is tarpon fishing. This is supposed to be the greatest sport in the fishing line. This morning we left the inn at 4 o'clock and fished until 10 and again in the afternoon. It's quite a wonderful sight; about 30 boats running back and forth in a pass about a mile wide. The tide carries you out and you motor back, and do this over and over.

I was the first to get a fish. One that weighed 85 lbs. It took 45 minutes of hard work to land him. Am having a taxidermist mount him and sometime you will see him over the mantel. The fish leaps in the air several times in the effort to break away. It is a beautiful sight to see him leaping probably 10 feet and assuming a beautiful curve as he goes up and comes down. I'm getting a heavy sunburn - more than you will like. The weather is wonderful - cool, nice breeze, comfortable all day and blankets and sweaters necessary at night. This place is run by a man who has loads of money and loses $100,000 a year keeping it up. Its main purpose is to entertain his friends.

Have you been over to see my boy? He will be developed much more when I get back. Do go over and enjoy him in these wonderful years of his mind's openings.

With love,

Walter x x x x x x x