Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/02/26

Had a wonderful rest of nearly 12 hours last night - much like the night I slept so hard after the all night auto-ride. I guess I needed this little trip, for the work has been hard and trying lately. But as long as one's best endeavors are not nullified by conditions out of one's control, the work is a pleasure.

Wouldn't you like to spend a couple of months here in Florida where it is nice and warm and where you can be out of doors all the time? I almost know what a deaf appeal this will make, but you would really enjoy it and get away from the rigors of the winter. No wonder I am obstinate and little Walter, too. Someone else long before did just as they pleased. You don't have to think about money anymore. I want to see you have some of the pleasure of life, to which you are so much entitled.

I think when I get through working, I will hibernate in Florida. We are just pulling into Florida.

Have had a good time reading Grant's life and the Civil War struggles.

Dr. Greene will meet me here and after an afternoon in Jacksonville, will leave for Tampa tonight. Then a boat trip of 36 hours to Cuba, passing Key West on the way. I had hoped to return on the railroad which goes out to sea along the Florida Keys to Key West. We ought to have a wonderful time and rest in Cuba.

Go out and see my boy and girl and keep an eye on the house. Will write from Cuba.

Love and kisses from you loving son,

Walter x x x x