Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/01/26

It's a long time since I felt so keenly the desire to get away from work. The terrible and I think - inexcusable -- infections have made the work a nightmare. It's like an engineer driving a fast limited train and all switches left in the hands of anyone who chanced to come along - and unlocked. No matter how careful his work, he is helpless.

But I do believe the thing is going to come to a head. The general surgeons have the same trouble, though their patients live to tell the tale with scars and permanent disabilities, whereas mine must die and the heart pangs are borne for a lifetime by loving parents and relatives. It's all so simply connected - I believe. It's difficult to think that in a modern age, human beings in such responsible positions can be so callous and heartless as to put a few measly dollars ahead of these preventable horrors. The hospital should be the first to use every effort to obliterate reflections of this character on its good name.

But I hope there will be a change soon and I think Dr. Lewis will take a firm stand. Dr. Finney was around this morning and said he would say a word to him. He seemed to feel very strongly about it.

Well, for some cheery news - do go over and see my big boy and also my girl. I fear he is showing signs of an inherited temper - from whom, you will need only one guess. At least, Father and I will need only one. This morning, he rapped on the bathroom door for admission and when his mother tried to direct his path elsewhere, he stamped his right foot vigorously and continuously in addition to giving a shriek. Go see him.

Tomorrow in Florida. Like going to Jekyl in days of old.

Love and kisses, Walter x x x x x