Walter E. Dandy Letter 08/16/26

There isn't anyone so lucky as I to have such a sweet little girl and such a wonderful little girl and such a good boy. I couldn't have gone to Norfolk and have missed my boy and girl yesterday. It seemed too long since I saw them and my little girl did need to be hugged. It was hard to be with her and not have her alone.

Some day this week I will run up in the afternoon. Wasn't the little rascal good when he woke up and was left alone? I think we will have to make everyone keep hands off him, but I don't quite know how to keep the grandparents off, especially Mother. He was so cute walking on his feet to prevent his knees getting sore. Am so glad you are happy there and comfortable. When we get our own house the big boy can have all the room he wants - for a little while, I guess!

Your last two letters came today - just now. This being an easy day, am planning to finish one of those two nearly finished articles. Possibly Dr. Greene may be up this week, though I rather hope not, as I don't want to entertain anyone.

The house ought to be nearly under roof when my girl gets back. Possibly some of our friends may want our apartment and we can move in earlier. I thought yesterday, what an efficient cute little girl I have - not a thing did she forget! Just like her big boy!! Only better by far- as, of course, I knew and expected - not by right, but by having made a very comprehensive phrenological reading in the brief span of a moment, going around the elevator. Kiss her for me as could not adequately do yesterday. Kiss her boy for me too and hug his mother all over again.

With all my love,